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An Ode to Innovation

CES Innovation Awards - POW Audio Una selected as Innovation Awards Honoree

Not every act of intellectual discovery qualifies as a “Eureka!” moment. We have canonized the ingenuity of inventors and uber-tinkerers like the Wright Brothers and Steve Jobs, but not all breakthroughs are as cinematically culture-shifting as, say, the arrival of the Model T. Creation comes in many forms – including the refinement, or combining, of existing ideas. Let’s not forget: Thomas Edison didn’t build the lightbulb. He made it better.

Whether pioneering new technology or elevating current design, innovation deserves to be celebrated. So we’d like to take a moment to tip a cap to a few worthy forward-thinkers, a handful of CES Innovation Awards honorees that we dig. Full disclosure: POW Audio was selected as a CES 2020 Innovation Awards Honoree from the Consumer Technology Association for our development of the Una™ floatable Bluetooth speaker. Does that make us a little biased? Maybe. But these are pretty cool, too:

2018 Nissan Leaf: Eat your heart out, Henry Ford. The original Leaf had a few more bells and whistles than the aforementioned Model T, and Nissan’s 2018 update marked a dramatic leap forward for electric vehicles. The quiet but blessedly torquey engine was outfitted with a larger battery to nearly double the Leaf’s previous range (with no infringement on space) – all in one of the market’s most affordable EV packages.

Zera™ Food Recycler: Food waste is America’s dirty little secret (maybe not so little…or secret). According to the National Resources Defense Council, up to 40 percent of food in the U.S. is never eaten. Worse, much of that waste winds up in our landfills. The Zera Food Recycler helps address the problem, one household at a time. The device is designed to convert 95% of a typical home’s waste into fertilizer – without requiring the user to set a foot outdoors or wait months for material breakdown. Toss in your scraps and a small amount of proprietary additive, and you’ve got compost in as little as 24 hours.

Kohler Sensate Kitchen Faucet. It’s the innovation you didn’t know you needed – a touchless water dispenser you can talk to. OK, stay with us: Whether you have your hands full or just want to avoid making a mess (not to mention cross-contamination), this faucet turns off and on with a touch or voice command – and delivers the exact amount of water requested. Think of it as the sous chef you never had.

Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed: That old saw about us spending a third of our lives in bed? Good luck getting that much rest. Plus, how much of your bedtime is spent actually sleeping? The 360 Smart Bed gives us a shot at making the most of our precious winks. Designed to help you sleep longer, better and – yes – smarter, it’s the Six Million Dollar Man of mattresses. Set the firmness and areas of support – or just let it happen. The Smart Bed adjusts its settings based on your movements and sleep patterns, even slightly elevating the head of a snorer. It even delivers data insights to your smart devices to help you optimize your sleep. Here’s raising a glass (of warm milk)…to innovation.


For more info on CES Innovation Awards Honorees, visit https://www.ces.tech/Events-Programs/Innovation-Awards/Honorees.aspx

The CES Innovation Awards are based upon descriptive materials submitted to the judges. CTA did not verify the accuracy of any submission or of any claims made and did not test the item to which the award was given.

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