Powerful sound in your pocket. Mo expands for bigger, better sound than was previously possible in a mobile speaker. Mo can also click onto the back of your phone and most metal surfaces magnetically—or just about anywhere else with the included Universal Mount.

Features & Specs

Dual Audio Compatible

Sticks Anywhere
Magnetic, mountable,
compact, and ultra-portable

Stereo Sync
Pair two together to split L/R channels and boost reach.

8 Hour Playtime

Water Resistant

USB-C Charging


Portability should never compromise power. Mo gives you the power to pick up the beat and always take it with you.


Expand Mo for huge bass and louder, cleaner sound that gets the party poppin’ anywhere.



Pop up the WaveBloom™ audio expansion chamber to enhance bass resonance, volume and overall frequency response.


Clicks onto magnetic metal surfaces, the POW Click Case* or pretty much anything else using the Universal Mount.


Pair two Mo speakers together and spread L/R audio channels to immerse yourself in expansive, true stereo.


Fits in your pocket even when clicked onto your phone with the Universal Mount or POW Click Case.*

Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speakers
mag clip
mo speaker


Click into gear with Universal Mount or upgrade your phone game with the POW Click Case.


Tabletops, walls, phones…put Mo anywhere. Click it magnetically onto almost any metal surface or the POW Click Case. Stick it pretty much anywhere else you want to defy gravity using the Universal Mount.


Frequency Response: 80Hz to 20kHz
Power Output: 5 watts RMS per driver (x2)
SNR: 90dB A-weighted, 22Hz to 22kHz bandwidth

Height: 4.4 in/111 mm
Width: 2.5 in/65 mm
Depth (Collapsed): 1.0 in/25.9 mm
Depth (Expanded): 2.1 in/52.3 mm

POW Mo Speaker
Universal Mount
Click Wallet
USB-C to USB-A Cable


What is Mo™ compatible with?

Mo is compatible with just about any Bluetooth enabled sound source device, including Apple® and Android™ smartphones, tablets and more.

Does Mo have to be attached to the back of a smartphone?

No, Mo sounds great anywhere; on or off of your smartphone, on a table, the floor, etc. Mo can easily be attached to the back of a device using the included universal mount or Click Case, and it will play when unattached as well. When not in use, Mo conveniently folds down flat and is compact enough to fit in a pocket.

Does the mount have to be attached to a smartphone?

The universal mount is designed to fit seamlessly on most smartphones and third party smartphone cases, but it can go wherever it's safe for you to reach. As is the case for most adhesives, you should use precaution when selecting the surface because some materials will perform better than others.

Is Mo magnetic?

Yes. Because Mo is magnetic, you can stick it to a fridge, car body, file cabinet and more.

Will the magnets in the mount or Click Case interfere with wireless (induction) charging?

No, the magnets will not interfere with induction charging.

Will the WaveBloom chamber get tired of expanding?

We've done extensive sound and strength testing, and Mo is designed to last for years of reasonable play.

Does Mo let me know when it needs to be charged?

Yes, you’ll hear a brief notification during playback that indicates it’s almost time to charge.

What are POW Audio's returns and warranty policies?

We guarantee your satisfaction. For purchases made directly on POW Audio’s online store at powaudio.com, we will exchange your product or give you a full refund** within 30 days of purchase. You can find our full returns and warranty policies in Support.

What is the best way to expand the Mo WaveBloom chamber?

1) With one hand hold Mo firmly by the base in your palm or against a surface or mount. 2) Using your other hand, place your thumb on one side ridge, and your index finger on the other ridge without covering the Wave Port. 3) Expand WaveBloom by popping out one side first, then the other.

Can the Mo speaker be charged from an electrical outlet?

The POW Mo speaker comes with an included USB-C cable which can be charged from any standard USB-A style jack that fits. The USB-C end of the cable plugs into Mo, and the other end of the cable is USB-A, which can plug into a standard wall charger, a computer's USB outputs and more. The included cable is intended to charge the POW Mo only.

Will Mo connect to an Amazon Echo/Alexa?

Yes. Step 1) Have the Echo/Alexa powered on and in range. 2) Go on the Amazon Alexa app on your phone, and select "devices". 3) Then select the “Echo & Alexa” button. 4) Click on your Amazon device that you want to use for the paring. 5) Click "Bluetooth devices" under the “wireless” section. 6) Turn on Mo. 7) Press the Bluetooth button on your Mo to get it into paring mode. 8) Press "connect new device" in your Amazon Alexa app. 9) Pair devices.

Can I use two Mo speakers to listen to content streaming from an Amazon Fire Stick?

Yes. Two POW Mo speakers can sync together to deliver immersive, true stereo sound. Mo speakers can be used for listening to video content as well. A Fire Stick can act as a Bluetooth audio master, streaming the audio from whatever you're watching to a Mo speaker. Step 1) Pair one Mo speaker with the Fire Stick using its standard instructions (in the Fire Stick settings area), which will get the audio streaming to both the left and right channels within that single POW Mo. 2) Then power on the second Mo and Stereo Sync the two Mo speakers as our Start Up Guide instructs. Enjoy!

It seems the maximum volume from my Mo may differ from pairing with one sound source device to another?

Because different sound source devices may vary in operating systems and features, we recommend lowering the volume on your sound source after pairing with Mo, then increasing the volume to your desired level.

How many seas must a white dove sail before she sleeps in the sand?

The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind.

Download Mo Usage Instructions
Mo Mount Mo Mount

Mo Mount

Mo can magnetically attached to most metal surfaces like your fridge, car or medal cooler. The Mo Mount is for non-metal surfaces like walls. One side has adhesive and the other is magnetic so MO will click right on. We include one mount with every purchase but you may want more so you have multiple places to mount your Mo.