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Got general questions? You've come to the right place! We've also included product-specific FAQs on each of our product pages. You can check them out by clicking on the name of the  product you want to learn more about: Mo, Una, Una X

POW Audio delivers unparalleled sound quality in a fully collapsible speaker for the ultimate portable audio experience. Hearing is believing!

POW speakers are compatible with just about any Bluetooth enabled sound source device, including Apple® and Android™ smartphones, tablets, Amazon Fire sticks, Echos, Alexas and more.

To pair a device, make sure the Bluetooth is turned on that device. Then turn on your POW speaker and hit the Bluetooth button. The light will blink blue and the speaker will make the pairing noise. Next, go into your phone/device's Bluetooth section and pick the name of the POW product you have (each speaker's Bluetooth name is the same as the speakers actual name). The product should then make the paired sound and connect. Tap the Bluetooth button and second time and repeat if it does not work the first time.

Yes. Step 1) Have the Echo/Alexa powered on and in range. 2) Go on the Amazon Alexa app on your phone, and select "devices". 3) Then select the “Echo & Alexa” button. 4) Click on your Amazon device that you want to use for the paring. 5) Click "Bluetooth devices" under the “wireless” section. 6) Turn on your speaker. 7) Press the Bluetooth button on your speaker to get it into pairing mode. 8) Press "connect new device" in your Amazon Alexa app. 9) Pair devices.

Yes, you'll hear a brief notification "low battery" during playback that indicates it’s almost time to charge.

POW speakers come with a USB-C/USB-A cable. The USB-C end of the cable plugs into the speaker, and the other end of the cable is USB-A, which can plug into a standard wall charger, a computer's USB outputs and more.

Stereo Sync is when you pair two speakers together. Stereo is sound that is directed through two or more speakers so that it seems to surround the listener and come from more than one source; stereophonic sound. Learn more here.

Turn one POW speaker on and pair it to your device. Turn on a second POW speaker. Then press the Bluetooth button on the first (paired) speaker and hold it until the light turns solid green. Then tap the Bluetooth button on the second (unpaired) speaker. The speaker will then say “united”. This signals that stereo sync has started.

2 Mos can be paired together. 2 Una products (Una, UnaX) can be paired together.

We guarantee your satisfaction. For purchases made directly on POW Audio’s online store at, we will exchange your product or give you a full refund within 30 days of purchase. You can find our full returns and warranty policies  here.

We offer a limited one-year warranty on all of our products. For more information please see our full policy here