POW speakers are designed to expand. WaveBloom™ is our patented audio expansion tech that not only gives our speakers their unique power to pop out and boost you up with bigger and louder sound, but also the ultra-versatility to go small and fit with you anywhere, not drag you down. We've engineered our speakers to enhance audio fidelity while maximizing portability—the best of both worlds.


The secret is in the air. Literally. Big sound needs a larger volume of air to travel and bounce within. POW’s flexible audio expansion chamber enhances bass resonance and loudness, and improves overall frequency response inside a voluminous air pocket.

Usually this is a trade-off for mobile devices where the capacity for air volume is compressed into a tiny, hard space which just can’t push that kind of air through it. By designing POW speakers to expand, we can achieve deeper lows, full midrange, crisper highs and actually push bigger and better sound with more volume—moving more air.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We’ve combined our groundbreaking WaveBloom™ expansion technology with best-in-class components and authentically tuned and intelligent Digital Sound Processing (DSP) for unprecedented audio quality packed into a surprisingly compact, ultra-portable speaker.

Real stereo fields are all but lost in the world of mobile speakers. All POW speakers can sync together and spread L/R channels for expansive true stereo, boosting amplitude and audio immersion.

All POW speakers feature an expandable audio expansion chamber that enhances bass resonance, volume and overall frequency response, and enables ultra-portability. They pop up to go bigger and louder, and pop back down to go with you.