Our Patented Audio Expansion Technology


Our patented audio technology is the key to our unprecedented sound quality. In PLAY mode, our speakers expand to move more air – and more air means enhanced bass resonance and frequency response. You’ll hear all the highs, the bassiest lows and every rich note in-between.

Go Mode + Play Mode

Go Mode: Our Bluetooth speakers collapse for ultimate portability thanks to our award winning collapsible design. They go where you go with room to spare. 

Play Mode: Big sound comes from moving big air. When you’re ready to PLAY, open them up for unmatched sound quality even with the volume cranked up! Our speakers can handle it without distortion.

Stereo pair
Stereo Sync

One is great, but two speakers are sooo much better. Why? Stereo! True left right Stereo divides sounds across two channels so that some elements are channeled to the left and others to the right. Why is that important? Because in a real life, sound comes to your ears from all directions. Even if you are listening to a single person playing the piano, that sound goes out in all directions and is dispersed as it bounces off walls and objects. This adds frequency and tonal color; a rich tapestry of slightly different sound quality that you can feel and hear.