Golf Clubbing: Take Your Tunes to the Course

Golf Clubbing: Take Your Tunes to the Course

The signs are different for each of us: The dogwoods are blooming. The school kids are getting restless. The local public course dries out, greens up and opens for business. Even if you don’t know a birdie from a bogey, you’ll know spring has truly sprung when sticks emerge from trunks and soft spikes hit the short grass. Golf season has arrived.

There are as many types of golfers as there are signals that it’s finally time to hit the links. Here’s the short list:

The Duffer. The duffer falls in the category of worm-burning weekend warrior – a golfer only in name, who may or may not know they are hopelessly overmatched by the game. They’re generally content to break away for a few hours of “me” time, take in the splendors of Mother Nature and curse endlessly at a tiny, dimpled orb.

The Pro. You’ll know them by their knickers. Or their towering, arrow-straight drives. Or the $50 skins they’ll casually compete for with another pro. These are the game’s real movers and shakers. If you have any doubt whether you are one of them, you most definitely are not.

The Shark. The only species of golfer more dangerous than the pro. The shark will make you believe they’re a duffer, draw you in for the kill, then make you wish you’d spent your Sunday morning tinkering in the garage or saving the world in Fortnite.

The Dangerfield. Our favorite. The Dangerfield comes in all shapes and sizes – your cool uncle or aunt, your best friend, a random single attached to your group, maybe you. Sometimes the Dangerfield can even play a bit. But that’s neither here nor there. For this genus of golfer, the golf is beside the point. Like Caddyshack’s Al Czervik, the Dangerfield shows up to the course for nothing more than a good time.

And unless you’re a Judge Smails (a golfing sub-species whose evolution dwindled decades ago), you’re here for it. Other golfers – duffers, pros and sharks – frequently fall in with the Dangerfield, whose defining characteristic is simple: bring the party to the course. For Czervik, that meant equipping his bag with a customized hi-fi sound system. But there’s an easier way.

Take the party – and the tunes – anywhere on the course with the Mo expandable portable speaker from POW Audio. A lightweight, Bluetooth-enabled champion, Mo easily expands from pocket-size and syncs with your musical device of choice (smartphone, tablet, etc.) to deliver clear, rich sound for long enough to get you around 18 holes – and then some (up to eight hours). With an included Universal Mount and uniquely magnetic base, you can attach the water-resistant and UV-stable Mo to your cart or other surfaces for an instant mobile course DJ.

And since so many dads love golf, we’re currently offering a “Dads & Grads” promotion where you can purchase two Mo speakers for $149.99. Visit for more info!

Whether it’s Cut Copy, Kanye or Kenny Loggins, frankly, is up to you. Whichever branch of the golfer family tree you fall from, you’re assured the smartest, most vibrant sonic experience – in the parking lot, on the course, in the clubhouse – from Mo. Keep on clubbing!