A Letter from Glen

A Letter from Glen

Glen Walter here, Founder & CEO of POW Audio. I have spent my working career as an industrial designer, owning and operating a number of design studios in Boston and New York. I’ve helped develop hundreds of products from brands like Burton Snowboards and Nike to tech companies like Microsoft and Samsung. The core idea was always to improve people’s interactions and experiences, letting the ideas and functions drive the resulting aesthetic. Creating out-of-the-box solutions that helped meet consumers’ needs was our mantra.

I have always had a passion for music, and I love the feeling and memories the words and melodies conjure. Music has transformative powers, and of course, it brings people together. There’s a special connection when experiencing music as the artist intended. It’s a conversation that takes us closer to that storyteller. I don’t follow the Grateful Dead and Bob Dylan like I used to, but the words and vibrations are instantly imagined, processed and physically felt, often in a communal sense.

My son, Cameron, also shares the love of his generation’s musical voices. About two and half years ago, Cam was looking for a portable Bluetooth speaker and became frustrated with the lack of volume, bass and overall fidelity that the available offerings at the time delivered. In order to find the audio quality he was looking for, he was obligated to pay an exorbitant amount of money, and the products were built for stationary use. Cam couldn’t find inspiring listening experiences matched with real portability. He heard me discussing the physics of sound matched to the presence of a basic commodity—air—and the genesis of POW Audio was formed when Cam envisioned the patented WaveBloom technology.

He brought me an expandable elastomeric bowl as a possible solution to his dilemma. When open, it delivered the volume of air needed to rectify his needs. When closed, it was easily transported. Combined with extraordinary audio engineering and creative design, the results have manifested themselves into a group of rugged yet friendly, ultra portable listening devices that expand to create amazing sound with the support of an air-filled chamber. The answer to Cam’s search, my friends, was “blowin’ in the wind.”

We’re very excited to bring this family of speakers to life, and to have you become a part of the POW community.

United we expand. Let’s make some noise!

Peace and respect,

Glen Walter
POW Audio Founder/CEO