2 easy steps to optimize your portable speakers

2 easy steps to optimize your portable speakers

Portable Bluetooth speakers are the best of both worlds – amazing high quality sound that’s light weight and portable. They go where you go even it’s just to your back yard or a different room! Below are two quick tips to get the most out of your speakers. Spoiler alert – there’s a bonus tip too!

The first step is to listen to your music in stereo - true left/right stereo. What's so great about Stereo sound? Simply put, L/R stereo divides sounds across two channels so that some elements are channeled to the left and others to the right. Why is that important? In real life, sound comes to your ears from all directions as it bounces off walls and objects. This adds frequency and tonal color; a rich tapestry of slightly different sound quality that you can feel and hear. Our speakers are specifically designed to stereo sync so you can enjoy true L/R stereo sound.  So whenever possible always choose two speakers over one. Check out our 2-packs here.

The second step is to position your speakers like a pro. The goal here is to minimize sound reflection off of walls and strive for symmetry of placement.  Place your speakers away from the wall – ultimately 2-3 feet if your space is big enough – and try to get them off the ground so they are ear height to the listener.

Now for a tiny bit of geometry; think of the listener as one point of an equilateral triangle and the speakers on the other two points (see diagram). Finally, adjust the angle of the speakers so they are swiveled inward. Crank up the volume and micro-adjust the speakers til you hit the sweet spot.

Bonus tip:

  • What you place your speakers on (or in) has a big impact on sound quality as well. Place them on a soft surface like a rug and some of the sound will be absorbed. Place them on an enclosed shelf and the sound could be obstructed. Ideally you should look for a hard flat surface. One exception; water. IF your speakers are water safe and float (like our Una), nothing is better than hearing your music from within the water – hearing is believing so dive in