Stay home. Keep streaming. Keep dreaming.

We know things are crazy right now. Many of our friends, families and neighbors around the world are stressed, anxious and scared. We wanted to reach out to our community and customers with reassuring words,...Read More.

Golf Clubbing: Take Your Tunes to the Course

The signs are different for each of us: The dogwoods are blooming. The school kids are getting restless. The local public course dries out, greens up and opens for business. Even if you don’t know...Read More.

Turn Up Your Tailgating

Let’s think about the ingredients that make up your best summer days. Sunshine. Warm breeze. Friends. Tunes. Maybe a concert or a ballgame.A great time comes in endless shapes and sizes. Whether you’re bringing together...Read More.

Expanding the Neighborhood with American Authors

Music isn’t just about sounds and beats. It’s about people—those creating the music, singing and playing it, and of course, those listening to it. Really, it’s about community.It was great to have a chance to...Read More.

Helping Out with American Authors & Alt 92.9

It isn’t every day you get a chance to be in the room, within arm’s reach, when an amazing band delivers an exclusive live performance. It’s even rarer when you get to hang with them and lift...Read More.

A Letter from Glen

Glen Walter here, Founder & CEO of POW Audio. I have spent my working career as an industrial designer, owning and operating a number of design studios in Boston and New York. I’ve helped develop...Read More.

Power of Sound: Ryan McElmon

Professional action sports competitor Ryan McElmon states that in his line of work, there’s something called a “flow state.” It’s elusive, mind you. And every competition is rife with those who get there and others...Read More.

Power of Sound: Molly Haynes

Molly Haynes is a textile artist who spends her days alone crafting beautiful, handwoven pieces that take hours of time to create. And she's receiving a lot of praise for her work. How is she able to stay focused...Read More.

Power of Sound: Jae Deal

We sat down with musician and award-winning composer Jae Deal to find out what's in his secret sauce. 

Power of Sound: Tim Ringgold

Tim Ringgold, board certified music therapist, is the owner and director of Sonic Divinity Music Therapy Services, based in Orange County, California. Since 2007, Ringgold and Sonic Divinity have been serving multiple populations through research-based...Read More.

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